Participants in an Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) Program

Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) Programs prepare candidates to demonstrate mastery of subject area knowledge in one or more specific subject area(s), mastery of general knowledge, and mastery of professional preparation and education competence. ITP Programs are offered at Florida postsecondary institutions and typically culminate in a bachelor's or master's degree. Completers of an ITP Program are eligible for a Florida Professional Educator's Certification upon program completion.

Learn more about Florida State colleges and universities that offer ITP programs and scholarships for participants.

If you are currently participating in or have completed an Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) program, this is the route you will need to follow to earn your Florida Professional Certificate:

1. Completion of a Florida state-approved initial teacher preparation program at the undergraduate or graduate level, 


2. Mastery of General Knowledge, Professional Competence, and Subject Area(s) expertise through achievement of passing scores on Florida Teacher Certification Examinations or by meeting alternate requirements as stipulated in s.1012.56, F.S. For information on FTC exams, click on the links:  General Knowledge (GK) Test, the Professional Education (Prof Ed) Test, and the Subject Area Examination (SAE)